The DCP Difference

The value of advice is changing.  The nature of what investors expect from advisors is also changing.  One of the main things we realized early on, is something many advisors lose sight of. For most people, adding value through relationship-oriented services such as providing unbiased advice through planning, discipline and guidance is more important than trying to outperform the market.

For many clients, entrusting their future to an advisor is not only a financial commitment but also an emotional one.  You typically enter the relationship based on a referral or other due diligence.  You put your trust in someone and assume he or she will keep your best interest in mind.

So how do we keep your trust?  First and foremost, we treat our clients as people, not just as portfolios. We begin our relationship with you with a conversation.  Not just a financial conversation, but a personal one as well.  This provides a way for you to share what is of most concern to you: your goals, feelings about risk, family and other interests.

We also make sure we deliver on our promises.  At the beginning of our relationship, we make sure expectations are set regarding services, strategies, and performance that you should anticipate from us.  We also stay proactive in contacting our clients whether its suggesting a change or meeting for a review.  We've even been known to make a call just to say "hey, how are you doing?"