Our Mission Statement

Our culture here at DCP Asset Management, LLC is a little different in the financial world because managing our clients' investment portfolios is at the forefront of what we do.  Our advisors provide unbiased, objective advice and choose suitable investments based on knowing our clients and don't look for reasons just to sell a product. We provide personalized service with no hidden or confusing fees.

When you work with our advisors at DCP, you will work with a professional in one of two capacities.  The first is as a broker which is commission-based where we make suitable investment recommendations and earn a commission based on the type of solution we recommend.  The second, and more preferable to us is as an advisor where we have a fundamental obligation to provide investment advice that always acts in the clients' best interests. In this type of relationship, our fees are designed where when you do better, we do better. In most cases our fees are lower than the industry standard.

When you work with us in the capacity of an advisor, we always strive to provide unbiased, objective advice and choose suitable solutions based on knowing our clients.

DCP Asset Management, LLC was founded by Mike Ciccone for one simple reason.  Mike had become increasingly disappointed and frustrated with large brokerage firms' business models which made it nearly impossible for the advisor to place the clients' interests first.

DCP Asset Management provides access to a wide range of financial solutions without the restrictions and conflicts of interests that seem to be found in most large commercial brokerage firms and investment banks.